Is Recovery the New Normal?

April 29, 2020 I am a big-time sports fan! Missing out on the NCAA College basketball championships, even the NBA playoffs, (now that my team sucks) is not so bad. But Baseball, come on! Baseball is not just a National Pastime, it is a normal activity for boys, girls, men and women and has beenContinue reading “Is Recovery the New Normal?”

All Dog Lovers Have the Best Dog in the World

April 14, 2020 Beth and I have a dog named Maddie. She is a Black Mouth Cur (we think). She is by far and away the BEST DOG IN THE WORLD! All right you cat, bird, bunny, et al. lovers, don’t feel left out! Treat the content herein as DOG as we understood DOG. MaddieContinue reading “All Dog Lovers Have the Best Dog in the World”

Embracing Grieving as a Friend

April 10, 2020 I can’t remember waking up any morning and thinking, “Wow, this is a great day for grieving!” Most of us came to recovery carrying a lot of painful thoughts, memories and experiences we did not want to face. Hooray for the 4th step. So, welcoming pain was probably the last thing on our minds. Because of presentContinue reading “Embracing Grieving as a Friend”

Right Sizing the 500 Pound Telephone

March 31, 2020 Today, I took my Iphone to the digital scale and weighed it. I was dumbfounded to find that it did not even register 1/10 of a pound. The scale read 0. I would have sworn that the phone would come in at a minimum of 250 pounds, although we hear around the rooms that theContinue reading “Right Sizing the 500 Pound Telephone”

What if God Needs Help Too?

March 24, 2020 I’ve been going to meetings for a long time. Why? Because I need to and ultimately realized I want to. How did that come to be? The day I surrendered to my alcoholism/addiction, I knew I was beaten in life. I knew I had run out of places to hide. I didn’t think I had anywhere to go. IContinue reading “What if God Needs Help Too?”