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Reflections on Recovery is an interactive website to share ideas and experiences on recovery in a safe and nurturing environment.

Latest Reflections on Recovery

Let’s Go to the Movies

February 11, 2021 I am not an avid reader, although that seems to be changing. I am a big movie buff. I really do like them, and TV too. In fact, I am in the running for the top ten in the category of people with the most watched movie reruns. I am in the top five category for…

Is Recovery the New Normal?

April 29, 2020 I am a big-time sports fan! Missing out on the NCAA College basketball championships, even the NBA playoffs, (now that my team sucks) is not so bad. But Baseball, come on! Baseball is not just a National Pastime, it is a normal activity for boys, girls, men and women and has been…

All Dog Lovers Have the Best Dog in the World

April 14, 2020 Beth and I have a dog named Maddie. She is a Black Mouth Cur (we think). She is by far and away the BEST DOG IN THE WORLD! All right you cat, bird, bunny, et al. lovers, don’t feel left out! Treat the content herein as DOG as we understood DOG. Maddie…

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